Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The F-35 in the News Again

Two pieces of news dealing with the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

With China's increased military buildup, countries are looking harder at the progress being made with the F-35 test program. And in light of the recent release of information covering China's new J-20 "Fifth Generation" jet fighter. A stealthy, radar-eluding high end fighter aircraft. (F-35B picture shows aircraft in SVTOL mode. Smaller picture shows the J-20 in flight).

Lochkeed Martin's Tom Burbage, the general manager of the F-35 program; said that China's J-20 progress has created a "Stronger sense of urgency" throughout the Asian-Pacific region about air force modernization. Japan, South Korea, Singapore are indiscussions with U.S. government over the future of the F-35 and their purchase of the F-35.

The other bit of news was the progress the F-35B was finally making in the SVTOL flight test program. The F-35A and C models test flight program has been making better progress than the Marine's Harrier replacment. Test between January 6 and the 13th are among the 42 expected test flights that must be completed before the F-35B can be tested at sea on a amphibious assault ship.

Problem with the verticle fan lift doors have forced the delay of the F-35B part of the JSF program.

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