Saturday, April 5, 2014

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Visits both Lubbock and Midland Airports

This blogger works for a nationally known rental car company.  The economy in Midland-Odessa is so booming, they have to hire people from out of town to come down to do some work at the Midland International Airport.

So twice aweek, I and others who live in Lubbock, make the two plus hour drive down to Midland, work all day and have a two plus hour drive back to Lubbock before we can call it a day.

And while at the Midland airport, I love to watch the different airplanes that pay a visit to that airport.  Military aircraft, old warbirds from the CAF, and other interesting things. Its something to see a USAF C-5 Galaxy doing Touch and Goes.

So, it was with some surprise that I witness a Boeing 787 Dreamliner (in Boeing colors) land at the Midland Airport.  I got as many photos as I could manage with my cellphone camera.  Biggest disappointment I had was not being able to get any of the aircraft in flight.

The bigger surprise came when we got back home to Lubbock, Texas- just before a big cold front arrived (with ALOT of Blowing Dust!).  Looking towards the old terminal building which now houses the Silent Wings Museum was the VERY SAME Boeing 787 parked on the ramp nearby.

Last year, the 787 was in the news for battery problems although that is supposed to have been fixed by now.  Plus the 787 is the replacement for the older Boeing 767.  Even more amazing, I found a news story about the 787 in Lubbock, but was not able to find something similar in the Midland news.

The accompanying pictures are the ones that I took with my cellphone camera.  The first two are from Midland International Airport.  The last three are from Lubbock International Airport. The closeup of the 787 in the dust storm - I had to take from inside my little pickup truck.

1. Everything "Lubbock Airport Hosts New, Big Bird" April 4, 2014.  (

Lubbock Airport Hosts New, Big Bird -

Lubbock Airport Hosts New, Big Bird -

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Theo Spark: Aviation Quotes.................

Theo Spark: Aviation Quotes.................: 1. When a flight is proceeding incredibly well, something was forgotten. - Robert Livingston, "Flying The ...

You choose: 283 A-10Cs, 350 F-16As, or 62 B-1Bs.

You choose: 283 A-10Cs, 350 F-16As, or 62 B-1Bs.

I'm quoting the following from James Hasik blog posting:

Thus, let’s presume that we’re back to cutting an aircraft fleet, and the question is the forecast of the most stressing scenario. Here’s my nutshell estimate:

Those 283 A-10Cs would be most useful against the Russians.
Those 62 B-1Bs would be most useful against the Chinese.
Those 350 F-16s would be excess to requirements in both cases.  end quote.

Mr. Hasik makes a good arguement for cutting the F-16Cs from the inventory and moving them into the desert ready reserve (i.e. mothball them!).  The A-10s might have to be called to action for the mess in the Ukraine.  And the B-1Bs as stand-off cruise missile carriers if things heat up with China.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Mystery Aircraft Over Texas

Mystery Aircraft Over Texas

Theo Spark: Flying Wisdom...............

Theo Spark: Flying Wisdom...............: Sage Advice for Flyers Authors Unknown Historic illustration credits and appreciation go to Gil W...