Monday, June 28, 2010

Amelia Earhart News

Nikumaroro-uninhabited tropical island is believed to be the island that researcher Ric Gillespie thinks Amelia Earhart an Fred Noonan crashed on and eventually died there. This was his tenth expendition to the island since 1989.

Gillespie is the executive director of The International Group for Historic Aircrarft Recovery (TIGHAR) stated the following, "There is evidence on the island suggesting that a castaway was there for weeks and possibly months.

Nikumaroro is a part of the island nation republic Kiribati.

"We noticed that the forest can be an excellent source of water for a castaway in an island where there is no fresh water. After heavy rain, you can easily collect water from the bowl-shaped hollows in the buka trees. We also found a campsite and nine fire features containing thousands of fish, turtle and bird bones. This might suggest that many meals took place there," Gillespie said.

I found this section to be most telling, (Quote) The site is densely vegetated with shrubs known as Scaevola frutescens,and may be where the castaways' last meals were consumed. Indeed, it is here that a partial skeleton of a castaway was found in 1940.

Recovered by British Colonial Service Officer Gerald Gallagher, human remains were described in a forensic report and attributed to an individual "more likely female than male," "more likely white than Polynesian or other Pacific Islander," "most likely between 5 feet 5 inches and 5 feet 9 inches in height." Unfortunately the bones have been lost.

Gillespie believes that many of the bones might have been carried off by crabs, suggesting an unmerciful end for Earhart. (end quote).

Ref. "Amelia Earhart May Have Survived Months as Castaway" by By Rossella Lorenzi. June 25, 2010. (

Friday, June 25, 2010

USAF Future

This article by Eric Palmer on his blog echos some concerns that I have been having for several years concerning just what direction our Air Force is heading towards.

Retirement of the B1-B bomber. Taking several squadrons of F-15s and putting them into storage. The great Air Tanker Charlie Foxtrot saga. The T-38 is FINALLY being retired.

Now Palmer goes after the AFA (Air Force Association) for supporting current Air Force policy. And if that policy is bad...

I go into some similar things in a recent posting dealing with the DoD buying Russian helicopters for Afghan military forces.

Anyway, check his blog out.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Depend on Your Goverment - To Screw Things Up! DoD Buys Russian Helos

A very interesting article from the Washington Post by Craig Whitlock today. Entitled, "U.S. military criticized for purchase of Russian copters for Afghan air corps."

The Pentagon has spent $648 million dollars to buy or refurbish 31 Russian Mi-17 transport helicopters for the Afghan National Army Air Corps. NATO codename "Hip." Department of Defense wants to get ten more in 2011, and several dozen more over the next decade. The Mi-17 is an aircraft that is use in Iraq and Pakistan.

The Mi-8/17 "Hip" is a medium size, twin-turbine transport helicopter that can also act as a gunship. Specifically designed by the Russians for the condictions found in Afghanistan when they were there in the 1980s. The Mi-17 is the designation for the export version of the helicopter. Russian armed forces refer to it as the Mi-8MT. The two can be told apart because the Mi-17 has the tail rotor on the port side instead of the starboard side like the Russian military models do.

The type is used all over the world from Bangladesh, Croatia, Czech Republic, India, Kazan, Mexico, Pakistan, and several other nations. Even Canada leases these helicopters through SkyLink Aviation.

So of course when Senators Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.) and Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.) heard about this - well they just had to stick their noses into it. Basically, Afghanistan should be buying U.S. built aircraft-period. Never mind there wrench that will be through into the "Afghanistanizing" (look ma, created a new word here I think!) of the war.

(Quote): U.S. and Afghan military officials who favor the Mi-17, which was designed for use in Afghanistan, acknowledge that it might seem odd for the Pentagon to invest in Russian military products. But they said that changing helicopter models would throw a wrench into the effort to train Afghan pilots, none of whom can fly U.S.-built choppers.

"If people come and fly in Afghanistan with the Mi-17, they will understand why that aircraft is so important to the future for Afghanistan," said Brig. Gen. Michael R. Boera, the U.S. Air Force general in charge of rebuilding the Afghan air corps. "We've got to get beyond the fact that it's Russian. . . . It works well in Afghanistan."

U.S. military officials have estimated that the Afghan air force won't be able to operate independently until 2016, five years after President Obama has said he intends to start withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan. But Boera said that date could slip by at least two years if Congress forces the Afghans to fly U.S. choppers . "Is that what we really want to do?" he asked. (end quote).

And another quote for context as to WHY the US forces went this way on the Mi-17 helicopters. (Quote): Because Afghan airmen had historically trained on Russian choppers, the Pentagon decided to make the Mi-17s the backbone of Afghanistan's fleet. The Soviet Union specifically designed the Mi-17 for use in Afghanistan. U.S. officials say it is well-suited for navigating the altitudes of the Hindu Kush mountains, as well as Afghanistan's desert terrain.

With few reliable roads, helicopters are a primary mode of transport in Afghanistan. (end quote).

The Afghan National Army Air Corps has the following pieces of equipment and number of personnel: Russian-made attack helicopters Mi-35, Italian-designed C-27s (a fixed-wing aircraft used to transport troops and supplies). The air corps so far has 48 aircraft and 3,300 personnel.

Gen. Boera said plans are to expand the Air Corps up to 146 aircraft and 8,000 personnel by the year 2016. While there are Afghan pilots in the Unites States training, so far, only one has graduated. Afghan pilot recuits-many who are illiterate in their own language, have to learn English (which is the official language of flight to begin with).

(Quote): Gen. Mohammed Dawran, chief of the Afghan air corps, said most of those pilots are in their 40s and set in their ways. Requiring them to start fresh on U.S. copters would be an uphill battle.

"They learned the previous system and different ideas," he said in an interview. Most of the veterans also don't know how to fly at night or in poor visibility, when a pilot must rely on an aircraft's instrument panel to navigate. (end quote).

Another contruibing factor is that the Russian hardware is much more basic than the American equipment. Lack of GPS (Global Positioning System) to the maintenance crews using whatever they can get their hands on to make repairs.

Plus, U.S. military officials would like to operate their own Mi-17s for U.S. Special Operations Command for clandestine missions. And the Russians know that - so they have raised the prices for new and used Mi-17s.

But, because of politics, DoD is now "leaning away" from buying Russian hardware. (Quote): "As a 'Buy American' kind of individual, I think it's totally appropriate as we go forward that we continue to assess the program," Army Secretary John McHugh, whose service oversees foreign helicopter purchases, told the Senate Appropriations Committee in March. (end quote).

My take on this is Buy Russian! Go ahead. Seeing how the aerial refueling tanker deal, the F-22 production line stopping too soon, and F-35 deals have "save" the American tax payer so much money over the past 15-20 years... Hell, I say go ahead and buy some Su-27s while you're at it! Personally, I like that twin turbo-fan amphib the Russians have, the Be-200. I would love to see that in US Coast Guard markings.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bob Bigelow's Haunted Ranch-Alien Battle Rumor Exposed.

Article by Gary S. Bekkum was a interesting read. Check out the link in the ref section to read the entire post.

These five paragraphs below caught my eye. Especially the amount of money he has invested in aerospace and now UFO research. And HOW much he is still willing to invest it in.

Quote: Bob Bigelow's company, Bigelow Aerospace, is on the verge of becoming America's foremost private space venture.

According to reports, as quoted by the Bigelow Aerospace website, Bigelow has "already spent about $180 million of his own money so far and has said he is willing to spend up to $320 million more" to develop his space stations and lunar base concept.

When it comes to UFO sightings, the FAA advises Air Traffic Controllers, "Persons wanting to report UFO/unexplained phenomena activity should contact a UFO/unexplained phenomena reporting data collection center, such as Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies."

Bob Bigelow, following shortly after physicist Stephen Hawking's warning to avoid the alien extraterrestrials at all cost, recently told The New York Times that UFOs can have a fatal attraction.

"People have been killed. People have been hurt. It´s more than observational kind of data." (end quote).

Ref. (

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Space Solar: One Answer of Many for America's Energy Problems

For more information, either do what the poster says (google search: Space Solar) or check out the NSS blog link below).


Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Methane-Based Life on Titan?

Methane-based lifeforms on Saturn's moon Titan? Two seperate papers coming out dealing with the research data from NASA's Cassini probe suggest this possibility.

The first paper that apears in the journal Icarus shows that hydrogen gas in the Titan atmosphere disappears at the surface. To scientists, this suggests that it is being breathed by alien bugs of some kind.

The second paper, appearing in the Journal of Geophysical Research, states that there is the lack of a certin chemical (acetylene) on the surface. Another indicator for methane-base life.
But scientists warn that there could be other explanations for these results as well.

For more details, check out the article below.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Buzz's Plan

The following appeared on the Coast to Coast Am website..

Aldrin's Space Vision
May 31, 2010

Howard Bloom and Jason Louv share this graphic (click on to view larger) & description which outlines Buzz Aldrin's Unified Space Vision (recently discussed on our Space Roundtable Show):

America's future is in the skies. So is the future of all mankind. Here, says Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, is where we will make humanity multi-planetary. Step one is to develop a private sector space taxi that can take humans to the International Space Station and bring them back – inexpensively. Step two is a permanent exploration vehicle that stays in space, a vehicle we can use to shuttle back and forth from moon orbit to earth orbit, or that we can use to reach the resources of the sky – the trillions of dollars worth of platinum, lithium, gallium and more in asteroids, or in the massive flying snowballs of potential rocket fuel called comets.

Step three is to develop a heavy lift vehicle that can get large amounts of cargo into space for a lower cost than the $14,000/lb we've spent in the past. Step four is to lead an international effort with China, India, Russia, Japan and Europe to develop the raw materials for steel, glass, microchips, tourism and energy on the moon.

Step five, use our deep space exploration vehicle for a new first for the human race – landing on asteroids and comets. Step six, we build a habitat on Mars' moon Phobos. A base from which we can explore and build on the Martian surface. And finally, we create man's first presence on Mars. All of Buzz Aldrin’s Unified Space Vision is doable within the president's new space program. The goal? Take the resource load off of earth. Bring space to life by bringing life to space. On behalf of the entire human race.

I am starting to have serious doubts about our country and if we have what it takes to stick with a program - any program now that deals with manned spaceflight. Buzz Aldrin's plan sounds great - but do the American people now have what it takes to FORCE their politicians to follow their will or not? Maybe that answer can be discovered in November, 2010!

Ref. Coast to Coast Am website. May 31, 2010.