Friday, April 22, 2011

No Sex in Space - According to the Russians

Over the years, there have been rumors that both the Americans and the Russians may have explored the sexual frontier while in the final frontier.

Valery Bogomolov, the deputy director of the Moscow Institute of Biomedical Problems; recently told reports to Russian Interfax. As far as the Russian or Soviet space exploration the director stated.

People (unofficially) would like to know the effects of weightlessness on the sex act. And this blogger believes that it will be a future "space tourist couple" that will gain the title of First F**king Couple in outer space.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

JFK Asked About UFOs in Memo - 10 Days Before His Death!

Leave it to the Brits to get this story out to the masses. The American Main Stream Media (MSM) wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole without making a joke about tin foil hats and the kinds of people who actually see UFOS.

It seems that John F. Kennedy wrote to the head of the CIA demanding some highly confidential documents and memos about UFOs 10 days before he was assassinated.

The memo is one of two letters written by the President asking about UFO and other paranormal information. Date listed on the letters is November 12, 1963. All this comes from the CIA in a recent document dump through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

William Lester aquired the FOIA documents for a new book he is writing about entitled, "A Celebration of Freedom: JFK and the New Frontier."

For more information, please use the link below.

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2. image of JFK with same article.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Shuttle Fight Begins!

Its all about politics. How else can you explain New York City getting a space shuttle to sit on top of a aircraft carrier and Houston - home of the Johnson Space Center; gets nothing.

New York?!

New Frackin' York?!

President Obama must have been paying back something to Senator Charles "Chucky" Schumer(D) for New York to get the shuttlecraft Enterprise.

Right now, the Enterprise is in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

To read the NY Daily News article about efforts underway to change this out come, the senator said, "Fughgeddaboutit." Actually, the NYD News said in the opening paragraph of their news article the following: "A peeved Utah Congressman, joined by a bunch of poor-loser Texans, is mounting a campaign to yank the NASA shuttle Enterprise from the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum."

Republican Rep Jason Chaffetz of Utah is pushing a bill that will reshuffle the final resting places of the shuttle fleet. Namely, one of the shuttles (either Enterprise or Endeavour) will go to Houston, Texas. The space shuttle Discovery will replace the Enterprise at the The Smithsonian Institutions National Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar facility-in Hazy Center, Va.. Cape Canaveral/ Kennedy Space Center in Florida, gets to keep the space shuttle Atlantis. And the California Science Center in Los Angeles would get the remaining shuttle.

As for this Texan. I am somewhat resigned to the fact that Texas will not get a space shuttle do to the fact that our state did not - and still doesn't support President Obama very much. But Obama can and does expect New York to carry his waste water with loving care at his beck and call.

While the Enterprise never made it up into orbit - it was only a prototype test airframe to prove the shuttle concept. To leave Houston out of the picture was the most disturbing thing about this sorry mess. To my fellow Star Trek fans - don't jump the gun too fast next time when it comes time to name another spacecraft after a famous fictional spacecraft.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rare Battle of Britian Discovery Made

Yahoo news reported on a discovery yesterday that was made two years ago and reported in the British newspaper, the Daily Mail in back in 2010.

It appears that a rare Dornier 17, known as the "Flying Pencil", was discovered in a sand bar when a fisherman's net caught on it.

Buried under a sandbar for decades in Goodwin Sands-a ten-mile long sandbar off of Deal, Kent, UK.

The RAF museum announched planes to try and recover this rare find for display. Air Vice-Marshal Peter Dye, the Director General of the RAF Museum told reporters "The aircraft is a unique and unprecedented survivor from the Battle of Britain. It is particularly significant because, as a bomber, it formed the ehart of the Luftwaffe assault and the subsequent Blitz."

Work on the wreck will be undertaken at the RAF Museum's conservation center in Cosford, Shropshire.

The Flying Pencil attack some airfields in Essex on August 26, 1940. It was hit by RAF fightercraft and the German pilot, Willi Effmert, attempted to do a wheels-up landing on Goodwin Sands. But the aircraft flipped on landing and Effmert and one other crewmember were captured. Two others crew members died in the bomber.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

S-97 Aurora by Sikorsky

Wow! Happened to come across this article and the picture with it! Looks like it should appear on that old tv show Airwolf!

A company by the name of Aurora FLight Sciences announched that it had been selected by old granddaddy helicopter giant Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation to design and build some prototype airframes for the S-97 Raider project.

The S-97 Raider program is based off of Sikorsky's next-generation X-2 Technology rotary wing demonstrator aircraft, which features twin coaxial counter-rotating main rotors and a pusher propeller.

NASA selected the X2 Demonstrator as the recipient of the 2010 Collier Trophy. The S-97 can fly nearly twice the speed as other conventional helicopters with greater maneuverability, greater endurance, reduced noise, and fly at higher altitudes.

Now Aurora Flight Sciences designs and builds robotic aircraft and other advance vehicles for scientific and military projects and they operate out of Manassas, VA.

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