Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rare Battle of Britian Discovery Made

Yahoo news reported on a discovery yesterday that was made two years ago and reported in the British newspaper, the Daily Mail in back in 2010.

It appears that a rare Dornier 17, known as the "Flying Pencil", was discovered in a sand bar when a fisherman's net caught on it.

Buried under a sandbar for decades in Goodwin Sands-a ten-mile long sandbar off of Deal, Kent, UK.

The RAF museum announched planes to try and recover this rare find for display. Air Vice-Marshal Peter Dye, the Director General of the RAF Museum told reporters "The aircraft is a unique and unprecedented survivor from the Battle of Britain. It is particularly significant because, as a bomber, it formed the ehart of the Luftwaffe assault and the subsequent Blitz."

Work on the wreck will be undertaken at the RAF Museum's conservation center in Cosford, Shropshire.

The Flying Pencil attack some airfields in Essex on August 26, 1940. It was hit by RAF fightercraft and the German pilot, Willi Effmert, attempted to do a wheels-up landing on Goodwin Sands. But the aircraft flipped on landing and Effmert and one other crewmember were captured. Two others crew members died in the bomber.

(1). Daily Mail. "Up and away: Rare German wartime bomber found in Kent seabed to be raised for museum display" September 3, 2010. ( images come from same article.

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