Friday, January 21, 2011

Unexpected Ghost Hunting

Its weird sometimes how one person (me) can help another to solve a mystery by telling a co-worker that you know who does do paranormal investigations; something odd is going on in someone else's house.

That co-worker of mine let the rest of his team of investigators know about what was happening in my friend's house and they did a initial investigate and "got a hit" was what I was told at work the next day.

Tonight however, I was invited to take part in their first investigation of my friend's house and auto repair business.

I stayed out in the garage for about an hour with two members of the Caprock Paranormal Investigation team. I was with Brad and Billy Don while my friend and co-worker Mitch went with the other team members into my friend Ricky's house.

Just like on the TV show (which by the way, I hardly ever watch), they set up their gear, asked questions to the empty, dark air. Nothing happens for the majority of the time I was present. Then a air compressor that Ricky said he turned off after work this afternoon - came on all by itself. No timer or nothing. A switch as to be turned to teh correct position and a lever valve moved from the down position to the up position for the compressor to start running and filling up the big holding tank.

It was interesting watching them do the setups and equipment checks. But I've been sick today and my back and left ankle were killing me. But the air compressor coming on all by itself got my attention.

When the CPI team have finished their work and posted their report, I hope to be able to cross-post the results here as well.

Anyway, the Caprock Paranormal website link info is below so check it out.

1. Caprock Paranormal Investigations. (

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