Monday, January 19, 2009

Chinese Diamond Shape UFO 2009

January 19, 2009 – Posted on line by All News Web. Fire-fighters of Liu Pan Shui City which is in the province of Guizhou, China, recently observed and videotaped a strange object this month. One of the fire-fighers, a Wang Jia Wei, first spotted the brightly flashing star moving in a south easterly direction and went inside the barracks to get a camera.

The camera he picked up was a Panasonic that the fire-fighters use to record damage. Fitted with a 700x zoom capability, he quickly zoomed in on the object and began to film it.

It was at this point that Wang noted that the object was like two rotating spinning tops joined at their bases. It was flashing several colors such as: Purple, red, blue, orange, white, and gold.
Wang then called out to his eight fellow fire-fighters so that they two can observe the slow moving craft. The entire encounter lasted for almost an hour when it finally vanished.

Wang managed to get 20 minutes of video footage and showed it to local Chinese reporters. They also contacted the local meteorological bureau two days after the sighting to seek out some answers. After showing the video, the officials were unable to identify the object, “declaring that it is indeed a UFO” to quote the article. The video was turned over for further study to the Chinese government astronomical department for further analysis. All News Web released a still from the video to go along with their posted article.

The photo is of the “Diamond” shape UFO that has been seen all over the globe for many, many years now. Local Chinese news media has played up the sighting and only now is it starting to break out into the world media.

Ref. “Chinese Government Office declare dazzling craft a UFO” by Audrey Chan from All News Web. ( ) . Link through Coast to Coast Am website as well.

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