Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mars in 2.5 Hours!

Discovered this little article over on Ufo while doing some research on the famous UFO abduction case of Antonio Villas Boas of 1957. Above is a cgi image created for my now out of print book USS CHEYENNE OPERATIONS MANUAL that I used for the front cover of that book.

We humans can in the future be able to build spaceships that would be capable of travelling to the Moon in seconds and to Mars in under three hours. Therefore - a flight to Alpha Centauri (4 light years away) will only take 80 days.

At least according to two German Doctors of Physics from the University of Innsbruck. Dr. Walter (Wolfgang) Dresher and Joachim Hoiser (who is a scientist with the German company HPCC-Space Gmbh).

The "Hyper-Engine" dates back to the 1950s and was formulated by the German scientist Burkhard Heim. The concept - inprobable at first blush, aims to combine quantum mechanics and the general theory of relativity. Heim used Einstein's concept reguarding gravitation as a manifestation of distortions in the very "fabric" of space/time. But Burkhard Heim sugests that all kinds of fundamental interaction be considered a manifestation of the complete set of spatial dimensions. Heim "added" two additional dimensions since the existing oens were not enough forproving his theory. He reportedly proved that gravitational force could turn into an electromagnetic one, and vice versa, under certain conditions.

Fast forward to the 21st century and Wolfgang Dresher took a fresh look back at the work of Burkhard Heim's strange ideas. Heim proposed a 8-dimentional universe (or Heim-Dresher space now, feauring two more kinds of spatial interaction).
Dr. Joachim Hoizer and American scientist John Kelvin and Russian academician Nikolai Kozyrev support the threory in priniciple. Quoting the article, "According to the scientists, a fast-spinning circle combined with a ring-shaped magnet in a strong magnetic field can "push" a space ship to other dimensions where different values of the nautral constants, including the speed of light, may exist. The machine will be capable of creating anti-gravitation by moving a spaceship in regular space." John Kevin stated "We're not trying to challenge the existing laws of physics, we are expanding ourviews on them."
Professor Vadim Pimenov, the deputy director of the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics under the Russian Academy of Sciences of Lomonosov Moscow State University, "Heim, a brillant physicist and philosopher, was the first scientist who began thinking over the principles of space flights using a 'Hyper-engine'." Pimenov also added, "Academic scholars would have reacted quite skeptically to such argumentation had it taken place a few years ago. Nowdays the situation has changed. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics recently published a list of last year's award winners for the best theoretical works in aerospace research."

My thoughts on this is that the univese of Star Trek is just one step closer to becoming a reality for the human race.


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