Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shag Harbour, Pan Am UFO Connection

There was a recent article by Alexandra Holzer in the Huffington Post that connected the supposed UFO crash in Shag Harbour and a Pan Am Boeing 707 cargo jet flying out of New York to London.

Pan American World Airways pilot Captain Ralph Loewinger and his flight crew:  co-pilot Captain Curt Olsen and flight engineer Mike Littlepage; plus there was another pilot and navigator that was with them on this trip. The Pan Am flight crew did not file a UFO report of the incident that took place on October 3, 1967.  They were in contact with the Boston air traffic control center at the time of the encounter. Boston Center confirmed that there was no other traffic near the Beoing 707 at that time.

The Boeing 707 cargo aircraft was approaching Yarmouth, Nova Scotia at 33,000 feet when they spotted the UFO.  Ralph Loewinger stated that the evening was quote: "clear, moonless and the lights of the south coast were plainly in view" end quote.  The unknown "Lights" was at their eleven o'clock high position relative to their aircraft.

Both pilots kept their hands on the control yokes in case there was a chance to avoid a collision if need to.

On his return flight, Ralph Loewinger was listening to a Canadian radio station while the news announcer reproted that quote, "the RCMP had discontinued search operations for 'strange light formations reproted falling into the sea near Yarmouth." end quote.

This would appear to connect the Shag Harbour UFO with another group of witnesses. On the ground, the UFO that was seen by about 70 people from different vantage points disappeared underwater in Shag Harbour.

The seabed there has been checked over several times for unusual depressions.  But it looks like that someone swept up the sea flood neatly leaving behind no clues.  There was a History Channel program that focus on the Shag Harbour incident entitled "Deep Sea UFOs" that was aired on January 23, 2006.  Ms. Holzer asked Captain Ralph Loewinger if he had seen this program and he confirmed that he did watch that show.

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