Saturday, January 28, 2012

Possible UFO Escorted by Military Helicopters

On the night on January 27, 2012; a flight of five or six military helicopters flew right over my property with their formation lights on.  I live on the northwest side of Lubbock, Texas.  Just outside the city limits.

Between the last two ships in the formation was a tiny red ball of light. If the helicopters were 2000 feet AGL, I am guessing that the light was smaller than a basketball.

The MOST likely answer is a helicopter had a forward formation light that was no longer working.  Second most likely answer was this helicopter flight was excorting a drone from one base to another base.

Then the third option is a UFO that was being escorted.  Now, whether that UFO was a alien spacecraft or some new high tech gimzo that the US military has cooked up, I don't know.

I know some of my friends posted online their experience and I am asking them to go ahead and post their observations in the comments field below.

UPDATE.  January 30, 2012:  Received permission from Phillip Johnson to use his full name below. I have corrected some misspell words that were in the messages.

First email sent out to USS Lonestar shiplist was by Phillip Johnston. (Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 9:16 PM.  With subject line: "Interest thing i saw").

At about 8:30  pm  Jan 27  I was in my back yard and could hear a  helicopter like sound.
After a few minutes  i seem to be able to detect which way it was coming from.
It was coming from the west . It first traveled to the south then it began to go east.
It went right over Levelland. What  I could see was three lights  the one in the rear and lower was flashing. The two in the front were  just red lights . There was no white light  or directional colored lights on the ships. As they came closer I could tell that the ones in front were towing or leading the one in back. The one in the rear seemed to stay behind but in between at the same distanced  the whole time I was able to observe them. as they passed my position.
The two in front now seemed to display a single white light  to the rear , not blinking. Using binoculars  I could not get a better ID of the object in the back. It just blinked with a very bright red light which was visible the entire time  I viewed it.   I really wish it were  day light.  I think they didn't want anyone to identify what was  being pulled across the sky.   -- Phillip Johnston.  January 27, 2012.

Next witness to reply to Phillip Johnston post was Alice C. (Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 9:16 AM). 

Interesting! Last night Darrell and I were at the drive-in. During the first show, we observed a very bright elongated light in the northern sky. After a little speculation, we decided that it must be a very close satellite. We went to the bathroom after the first show. 

When we returned the moon was a sliver in the exact spot where the light had been. It was not as bright as the original light which we never saw again. Maybe it was the moon from the start, but we really couldn't see how that was so. Possibly the moon light was obscuring it? When the moon disappeared behind clouds, the light was not there either.

About an hour later we saw what appeared to be five helicopters flying in formation that changed to an almost straight line flying from the southwest to the northeast. They flew directly over us. They had very bright front white lights and red rear lights. The last one seemed to be towing something because it had a second  red light was too far behind it to be its tail. Curious, We both thought that it was a rather odd evening in the sky.

Next was my initial response. (Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 10:32 AM).  

Hey guys

I too have a IFO/UFO report to put forward here.  I saw the same 5-6 helicopters flying one behind the other.  between the last two helios was a tiny red light, no other formation lights on it like the other helicopters.  In other words, it appeared to be the size of a basketball (at the most-more likely as small as a baseball).  I thought that it might be a drone that they were escorting in flight.  There was no way I could ignore the sound of those heavy helicopters as they flew right over my property at about 1000 to 2000 feet altitude (I'm guessing at that).  

Then my follow-up posting at (Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 10:45 AM).   

OK folks-

Since we have three individual groups that spotted this, I have put up a quick posting on my blog ( ).  I am requesting that everyone copy and paste their ship list posting to the comments section for this blog posting.  If you want to block your name out and just post anonymous, go ahead and do so.  Maybe just type your first initial only of your given name in the body of your message.

End of update.