Wednesday, May 5, 2010

North Korea and Recent Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Sinking Theory

In the rush of news items this past weekend dealing with the Times Square Bomber being captured, the recent Deepwater Horizon sinking and the conspiracy theory that somehow a North Korean merchant vessel delivered a mini submarine to the Gulf of Mexico to sink a South Korean built oil rig in the ongoing Korean War.

Yes, I said ON Going Korean War.

The fighting might have ended in 1953, but recently, the North Koreans stated that they still consider themselves to be at war with South Korea and the United States of America.

I have been following this interesting bit of theory over on my other blog, The Shanks Dimension and here is the links to the three articles that I blogged about.
3. May 1, 2010. ( This last link is the one that I have begun to update with new information that I can dig up whenever possible. It also includes information that has not been included in other reports such as I found a picture of the supposed mothership. Also, I looked into the possibility of a Iranian/terror link. This is only my theory right now-no other evidence to support it yet.

Let me also state right now. While this possible attack has I admit, grabbed my attention like nothing else this year; it is still possible that this is just a tragic industrial accident - pure and simple. Eleven people died in this accident. But this conspiracy theory is also a warning to all nations who operate off shore oil rigs. Terrorists view them as targets. Better protection in the form of off shore naval patrols. Of undersea patrols by our own navy will be needed in the future.

While I have never been a serving member of our military, I have been a follower of policy, tactics, and hardware for all of our military branches. Our Navy has Cold War blinders on and the only submarines they want to operate is Nuclear power. There has been a small minority that has expressed a desired for 'conventional' power subs for littoral operations.

May I suggest that this is now the time for the U.S. Navy to have its own version of the Sang-o class mini submarine. A mini sub with a crew of 12-20, four torpedoes externally loaded since the purpose of this design is only close to shore patrol to protect our sea lanes of communication and oil rigs in this example.

If you have the time to click over and read them, and thank you.

UPDATE (May 7, 2010): Articles by Terrence Aym, Shelly Barclay, and Bruce Tyson on



Timeline of events by Shelly Barclay-(

Possible North Korea target: Deepwater Horizon oil platform by Bruce Tyson (

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