Friday, May 7, 2010

Boeing's NGAD Jet Fighter Concept

The DEW Line got a exclusive it seems from Boeing in being allowed to use images of Boeing's NGAD (Next Generation Air Dominance) fighter concept. Boeing showed off their new proposal of a tailess 1/16th scale model and poster at the Navy League event recently.

Primary designed to be a carrier airplane, the fighter is a 40,000 pound design. If the U.S. Air Force went for this design, it would have to be almost 50% larger in size to replace the 60,000 pound F-22 type fighters. The larger engines will allow the aircraft to go into supercruise, and be low observable that has internal weapons bays and extreme agility. This will be a 9g-rated airframe and take on the old air-to-air performance once performed by the now retired F-14. Avionics between the USAF and the USN version will no doubt be the same.

Boeing really wants to get back into the fighter market. Lockheed Martin has taken a hit over the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program. What is interesting is that its the same airframe, but will come in two versions - if you go by the image. The aircraft banking towards you is a unmanned vehicle and the aircraft still flying level is manned.

NGAD is planned to be a replacement for the F-22/F-35 and be operational by 2025-2030.

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Ref. DEW Line. May 7, 2010. "Boeing plots return to next-generation fighter market" by Stephen Trimble.( Image is from that website/Boeing.

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Joshua said...

It is quite interesting that the aircraft on the background is manned while the one on the foreground is not. Perhaps the concept of this new fighter jet is an optional pilot? By the time Boeing's NGAD is fully operational, it will be interesting to see the state of engine technology in 2025. Considering it will be finished 15 years from now, the question is: will it then be already outdated or will it still be able to comply with AS9100 and the amended AS9100 Rev. C standard requirements of the space and defense industry?

Anyway, building an advanced weapon system is essential for the security of our country.