Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Socorro UFO - The (New) Hoax Theory. And the Flame War it Generated.

Posted below is the link to Kevin D. Randle's blog "A Different Perspective." Recently, the famous April 1964 UFO case of Police Officer Lonnie Zamora, in Socorro, New Mexico; heated up with a posting by Tony Bragalia on his blog ( that the entire incident was a hoax.

This began about on or about October 1st, 2009. And the UFO websites have taken on a new life as folks who think it is a hoax claim that Bragalia is right. And the other side (of which I am a part of) say basically - prove it was a hoax. Otherwise, the case still stands on its own two feet as a valid UFO landing incident.

I have posted a few comments on Kevin's website related to this story. Please drop by there and read his fine article on the subject. The image is of a oil painting posted on Chris Lambright website dated Feb. 1996. It shows the craft just starting to lift-off. For more detail information, please visit his website (link below in the Ref section).

Ref. A Different Perspective by Kevin D. Randle, Oct 1, 2009. "Lonnie Zamora, Socorro UFO, and New Theories" (
Image from the website of Chris Lambright. Feb 1996. (

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