Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Bamboo Saucer (1968) movie

The Russians and the Americans team up against the Red Chinese and recover a downed flying saucer during the Cold War.

This was a film from 1968 that I remembered quite fondly. Its one hour and forty so-mod minutes long. It stars actor Dan Duryea (in his last role) playing pilot Hank Peters. He is one of four members of a American expeditionay force in search of a missing UFO in China. The adventure takes on political significance when he is forced to join up with a similar Soviet team. Lois Nettelton is the beautiful blonde Russian scientist who was taking a shower under the falls when Dan Duryea spots her. Then he meets up with the "other" members of her team.

In the process of escaping from the Chinese troops, the American/Soviet teams use the recovered UFO to fly away and end up travelling all the way out to Saturn and back.

The movie was directed by Frank Telford and produced by Jerry Fairbanks.

Most critics agree that the acting is bad and the special effects were low rate. This is too bad, it could have been a much better. I would love to see the script given a rewrite, updated it for the modern era and try again. For more details about both vessels, check out my link to my other blog(Flash255bunker) listed below in the reference section.

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