Friday, July 24, 2009

The Case of the Dead Mother's Caller ID

While Paranormal is part of the title to this blog, I don't really post a lot of paranormal news here - until now. This is something unsual and I felt that I had to post something on it. It is something that I call "The Case of the Dead Mother's Caller ID."

While working at my call center job this week, I happened to receive a call from a woman whose mother has passed away last year. And the mother's account had been closed out by the family last year. However, this week, the daughter started to receive strange phone calls this week. With her deceased mother's phone number appearing in her caller id. And the poor woman's mother happened to belong to a different phone company from the one that her daughter had (and by extension, that I worked for). The other company that once had the mother's account told the daughter that it wasn't their fault.

And it wasn't the company problem that I worked for either, but I filled out a trouble ticket on the matter anyway. I have no way to follow up on this matter because that would comprise the client and their customer's private information nor do I want to. What has been presented here is what you would heard workers tell one another on their breaks about the type of calls that they have receive that day. But still, this story is just one of those things that one comes across by accident.

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