Friday, May 29, 2009

1915 La Porte, Texas, UFO Sighting

I was visiting the Coast to Coast AM website on May 29, 2009, and noticed the photo of the day entry submitted to C2CAM by a Brian S.  This is just a amazing picture for me to see.

The photograph shows a street scene in the daytime of La Porte, Texas - Main Street to be exact.  Wooden buildings and dirt roads and a few autos and trucks seen in the distance.  Above a chimney to a two story building in the left side of the photograph is the strange object.

I wished that the photograph that was submitted to the C2CAM site was better in the resolution area.  I downloaded the image to see if I could see any details in Photoshop and I wasn't able to do it.  Other people might be able to do it, but I wasn't able too with this example.  

I think Brian S. is wishful in regards to seeing a extraterrestrial sticking it's head up out of the circular looking vehicle/object.  That may or may not be a spoiler sticking up above the main body of the hull.  I'll go along with him that something that looks like smoke from an exhaust is below the object.  

But, this is a amazing picture nevertheless - because of the era it represents.  This picture is pre-1947 offical start date for UFO sightings.  I think that you could classified this UFO photograph in the twenty-thirty year time period known as the great "Airship" sightings at the close of the 19th century.  This photograph EXTENDS that time period well into the 20th century now as far as I am concerned.  
Ref. Coast to Coast Am, Photo of the Day. May 29, 2009. Submitted by Brian S. (

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