Sunday, February 22, 2009

Facebook Can Lead to UFO Disclosure?

Facebook can lead to UFO disclosure? Well, check this article out and see for yourself. I however, became very interested to the whole concept of Flashmob, or in otherwords, a internet based force multiplier for real world action:

Quote: "But social networking applications are what the military would characterize as a 'force multiplier', magnifying the effect of the ideas Salla, Peckman and others present and turning them into instant memes." and this quote too: "If large numbers of average Americans, fed up with the cost of gas, pollution, environmental damage, the lies, secrecy and denial were to begin to flashmob the local capital building as a result of spontaneously generated citizen advocacy, acknowledging the existence of ET would eventually become a mere formality for the administration."

And for the final quote from that article: "(Clay)Shirky's example of collective action resulting from the insanely easy group forming ability of Web 2.0 is a story of political action in Belarus. In 2006 a flashmob assembled in October Square Minsk for the activity of eating ice cream. This would be innocuous enough were it not for the fact that it is illegal to act in concert in October Square—a political mechanism intended to quell dissent. The flashmob concept was reengineered from quirky ad-hoc street theater into quirky ad-hoc political protest. As Shirky puts it, "Nothing says dictatorship like arresting people for eating ice cream."


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