Monday, February 2, 2009

Skydiver Instructor Dies in Mid-Jump

You know you are having a bad day when your instructor who is strapped to your back while the two of you are making a practice jump - has a heart attack and dies.  What do you do?  

Learn how to land of course.  This incident took place in Chester, South Carolina.  Twenty-five year old Daniel Pharr was wondering why his instructor, George Steele; went silent on him all of a sudden after they stepped out of their airplane at 13, 500 feet.  Pharr knew from watching TV programs before joining the Army, that you steered the chute with the toggles and he managed a good landing.  

That was when he discovered that his non-military instructor George Steele; had a heart attack on the way down.  While waiting for medical help to arrive, Pharr tired CPR on Steele - but to no avail. The skydiving lesson was a Christmas gift from his girlfriend.  Daniel Pharr is currently stationed at Fort Gordon, Georgia.  


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