Saturday, March 5, 2011

Evidence of Alien Life on Meteorite Claim

That alien life form is/was very similar to a known giant bacterium known as Titanospirillum velox. An organism found here on planet Earth.

So claims Dr. Richard B. Hoover, an astrobiologist with NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. He has traveled to very remote areas on Earth such as Antarctica, Siberia, and Alaska for ten years now collecting meteorites. His report, which was published in the March edition of The Journal of Cosmology.

Dr. Hoover been tracking down the very rare class of meteorites, called Cl1 carbonaceous chondrites. There are only nine such meteorites that have been recovered on Earth. Inside these meteorites are fossil evidence of bacterial life within such rocks. This, by extension his report suggests; that we are not alone in the universe.

quote: "I interpret it as indicating that life is more broadly distributed than restricted strictly to the planet earth. This field of study has just barely been touched -- because quite frankly, a great many scientist would say that this is impossible.” end quote.

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1. "Exclusive: NASA Scientist Claims Evidence of Alien Life on Meteorite" by Garrett Tenney. March 5, 2011. (

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