Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Russian Flying Cars Project

Article in its entirity quoted from the Gizowatch website...

The concept of flying cars is still in the materializing stage, and that flying saucer ambition from Moller International never went through. But that’s not a reason enough to stop Russian DIYer with his efforts for something new in the genre. Case in point is a flying saucer being developed by former pilot, Eugene Bugrov from Tyumen, Russia. An aircraft for the 21st century, which isn’t a fantasy, has earned Eugene several awards at international forums.

Eugene’s fundamentally new type of engine that operates on plasma has been notices and shown interest in by foreign companies. The flying saucer that has been patented could soon be seen surfing in the air because some like-minded creators have joined Eugene in the development of his flying project of course to speed up things.

Eugene’s arsenal of creations also includes a spider-man suitcase, which lets people escape high-rise buildings down the walls in case of emergency, and a laser that can cut through rocks and metal. Eugene claims a place in the “Book of Records of the Tyumen Region” as the most productive inventor of the area.

Maybe he can succeed where Moller has failed on the flying car dream.

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