Sunday, August 22, 2010

Iran: Nukes, Mini-Subs, unmanned Bomber Drones...

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been quite busy here lately. I mean, celebrating that his nuclear reactor has yet to be attacked by Israel or the Great Satan (aka the USA). He has been showing off some neat little mini-subs that are based off of a North Korean design. You can read more about the mini subs from an article I did on my other blog (The Shanks Dimension). Use the link down in the ref section to find it.

Then this bit of news about a new drone dubbed "Karar." A 'bomber drone' that can bomb targets at high speed according to state run Iranian news services. Quoting Ahmadinejad in his TV speech, "This jet, before it heralds death for enemies, is the messenger of salvation and dignity for humanity," Ahmadinejad said in his speech marking the unveiling of the drone in a hall at Tehran's Malek Ashtar university. end quote.

The drone has many different capabilities, including carrying bombs to destroy targets, and can fly long range at high speed. Karrar with its turbojet engine, is able to carry weapons to hit the determined targets (read Israel).

And this bomber drone unveiling comes a few days after Iran test fired a new missile, the Qiam(Rising). Iran is expected to keep test firing several new missiles over the next week or two. A 3rd generation Fateh 110 (Conqueror)-suppose to have a range of up to 125 miles.

Other Iranian defense news also mentioned missile carrying speedboats called Seraj (Lamp) and Zolfaqar (the Imam Ali's sword).

Meanwhile, the nuclear plant in Bushehr is being loaded with it's fuel rods. No Israeli air strike yet as of this posting.

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