Wednesday, March 17, 2010

EAA Pilot Building 1/3rd scale B-17 Homebuilt

Some guy by the name of Jack Bally of Dixon, Illinois, loves B-17s (love him already for that). He likes them so much that he decided to build his own B-17 homebuilt aircraft.

Startign with a set of 1/9th scale radio control B-17 model plans, he then spent the next 10 years of his life building his very own B-17.

Power will be provided by four four-cylinder, air-cooled 80-hp Hirth F-30 two-stroke engines. That engine would fit inside the 20" diameter engine nacelles. The aircraft itself is all aluminum, 34'7" wingspan, 24-foot long fuse whihc makes it slightly bigger than a Cessna 152.

For more information, please use the url link below to read the fine article by Patrick Panzera.

Ref. Experimenter, Patrick Panzera. picture from same article.


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