Friday, December 18, 2009

Imperial Star Destroyer Size Triangle UFO over Kremlin

From a link through Coast to Coast AM, I found this Telegraph article about this HUGE triangle UFO videotaped over the Russian Capital. In fact, it was compared to in size by the witnesses to the Imperial Star Destroyer in the movie Star Wars. It hovered over the Russian capital for several hours.

The two seperate video clips have been combined into one on the Telegraph webpage. These clips have been shown on Russian television news channels.

There was a spot in the video where I though it was actually being fired upon. But it could have been passing street light reflection on the car window.

There is not much information on this as of yet. But check out the actual link below.

UPDATE (December 20, 2009): Two new news articles have come to my attention and those links are posted below in the Ref section. Both come from The Examiner as well as the still photograph that went with the December 19th article.

And the news just gets better and better. Seems like the Russian "Imperial Star Destroyer" triangle was witness on the same day as the mysterious Norway spiral light show. Alfred L. Webre offers some explanations (other than the conventional failed missile one). The major alternative - scientifically based - alternatives are so far:

(1) Extraterrestrial. Extraterrestrial civilization causing both the giant UFO pyramid over the Kremlin and the failure of the Russian Bulava missile (i.e the Norway ligth spiral), as a context communication message tot he Russian military establishment to cease its development of intercontinental missiles.

(2) HAARP. HAARP, the space-base weapon of mass destruction, caused the electromagnetic plasma light show over Norway on the eve of President Barrack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize speech either as a warning to the American President, or as a possible Project Blue Beam mass psychological conditioner assuming that Obama is a part of the corporate new world order. As for the Kremlin pyramid UFO. It too could be a part of Project Blue Beam artificial electromagnetic or plasma artifact under this hypothesis.

(3) Other Interpretations. Those include a wormhole opening up while other think that it could be connected somehow to the recent high-energy experiments undertaken at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.

Now quoting Dr. Michael Salla, Ph.D, on his December 19th article, he had the following to say about these events.

"The dating of the Pyramid UFO sighting by Pravda appears to be a deliberate fabrication. This is revealed by a number of Western media reports dating the sighting to December 9, and Russia Today news story that was posted on Youtube on December 11. In the absence of any official report on the UFO pyramid, Pravda’s report appears to be a disinformation effort by mixing a fabricated date of the pyramid UFO sighting with more compelling evidence that it was widely seen and filmed in Moscow. The disinformation effort appears intended disassociate the Moscow pyramid UFO sighting with the Norway light spiral on December 9 apparently caused by a failed Russian missile."

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