Tuesday, September 22, 2009

1993 Maslin Beach UFO Pictures - An Early RPV?

I discovered this UFO case through Chuck Miller's UFO blog (Pictures, Stories and Other Strange Trips). The pictures from the 1993 Maslin UFO case he had posted on his blog on September 21, 2009, actually reminded me of a Remote Piloted Vehicle (RPV). I remember seeing a similar circular RPV pictured in Aviation Week and Space Technology back in the 1990s. But for the life of me - I'm stumped on remembering the manufacture of said RPV.

I am making this post more for myself as a book marker in my own blog so that I can revisit it at some future time with additional information of the RPV that looks similar to this particular UFO.

For more information on the specific sighting itself, please visit Chuck Miller's site and read the article there. The pictures here are the ones he has on his site plus more such as this closeup of the primary object and a smaller craft that joined up with it.

Ref. Webpage 1993 Maslin Beach photo case. (http://www.ufo.se/maslinbeach/).
UFO-FYI compiled and edited by Chuck Miller (http://crapfromspaceandtime.blogspot.com/2009/09/ufo-fyi-1993-back-to-beach.html).

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