Sunday, August 23, 2009

One Year and One Month in the Blogosphere


I cannot believe that I overlooked my one year anniversary in the blogosphere!

My first blog - Aerospace, Technology, Paranormal and UFOs news was created on July 26, 2008.

So this posting is actually the 1 year, and a few days shy of its 1 month anniversary for this blog. Just goes to show you that live and time moves on and one is caught up in the day-to-day struggles of living in what passes for the 21st century now.

We STILL have not sent anyone BACK to the moon nor landed humans on the planet Mars yet. Due to the recent findings of the President's commission on returning humans to the moon and the answer we got back that at current budget levels - we'll never get anyone back to the moon by 2028 even let alone 2020. This is the primary reason that I posted the "Gone" Barack Obama countdown clock widget on my blogs. Plus the fact that the political party in the United States that were (formerly) known as the Democrat Party - have taken the path of self-destruction by trying to force this country to move into the Socialist camp. Maybe I ought to say Socialist Labor Camp.

As for my personal life - still "officially" homeless. Working full time and cannot even afford a so-call cheap apartment in a city like Lubbock, Texas. If I ever get into a apartment - I'm more scare of not being able to ever have enough money saved up to get back into my own house again. I will become a permanent member of the wage-slave class. Like I'm not apart of it already - but play along with me for now ok?

I still plan on getting a repo mobile home if I can just get a bank to back me up. I don't want to keep spending my money to make other people rich. I want a house back on my own land again. A place that I can stay home all day. Sleep in late on my days off. To be able to watch a DVD whenever I damn well wish too. To have a fenced in yard to once again have a dog as a pet. It is amazing the simple pleasures one misses when they are gone.

As it is now, on my days off. I have to make plans to visit several bookstores or restaurants that have wi-fi capability to let me go online. Or visit friends to use their shower. As it is now, that is actually using up more cash than having my own place to stay in.

A real vicious Catch-22. Which is part of the reason that I totally forgot about the one year anniversary of this blog.

I now return you to your regulary running blog.

Thank you!

P.S. After I posted the above article, I thought about checking on how much money I have earned with google so far since this blog (and the others) were created. For the past year, the combine total of all three blogs have genereated the following amount... $5.69. And I will not get paid until I reach the $100.00 dollar mark. At this rate, I'll be 65 years old by the time I get that first check. Just a FYI.

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