Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Area 51 Backstory (LA Times Article)

Reporter Annie Jacobsen of the LA Times, had her article on the history of Area 51.  Much of the article focus on the cold war aspects of the most famous non-existant Air Force Base on the planet.  Operations such as the U-2 flights and reverse engineering of captured Soviet Migs. Underground tunnels.  New hangers large enough to hold a blimp... 

Area 51 is the focus of conspiracy theorists conducting such things like faking the Moon Landings in the 1960s and 1970s.  Recovered flying saucers and extraterrestrial beings (alive and dead) area stored for future research.

Ms. Jacobsen interviewed Kenneth Collins who was a CIA test pilot who flew the A-12, codename: OXCART (forerunner of the famous SR-71 Blackbird).  He along with Harry Martin and Hugh "Slip" Slater. Slater was even the base commander in the 1960s.  

Please check out the entire article by finding the link below.  I also posted a copy of this over on my other blog (

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