Sunday, November 23, 2008

UFO vs Police Helicopter on May 2, 2008

Latest UFO story from United Kingdom is that a Birmingham, England, Police helicopter narrowly avoid a mid-air collision with a unidentified flying object back on May 2, 2008, around 10pm. The helicopter was engaging in routine surveillance work over the city when the two observers spotted the unknown lights and told the pilot about them. A report was filed with the Airprox Board, which records detail near misses and reports them to the military and the air traffic control units in the British nation.

The object came to within 100 meters of the helicopter. At first, the pilot thought that it might have been a radio control helicopter, but dismissed that idea quietly enough after they used their onboard thermal camera to try and spot any signs of people on the ground with such equipment. The British Model Flying Association (similar to the American Academy of Model Aeronautics) ruled that possibility out due to the high altitude that the helicopter was at to begin with.

Ref. : “UFO involved in a dramatic incident” Birmingham Mail, by Anuji Varma, November 21, 2008. ( )

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