Friday, October 31, 2008

Lubbock's Halloween UFO for 2008

I was driving south on Frankford Ave and just after passing Erskine Ave, I noticed what I at first thought was a low flying aircraft slightly to the west of Frankford ave. In fact, it was moving so slowly I began to wonder if it was hovering above the Shadow Hills golf course. The closer I got, I still had not heard any aircraft like sounds above the sound of the wind racing pass by driver side window that was rolled down to enjoy the warm weather. Near the retirement home, I decided that I had to pull over to check this out.

I did.

Well, for a few minutes, I thought I was going to have my second daylight UFO sighting in my lifetime. By the time I pulled off onto a side street to get a better look, I had id'ed the flying object as a net full of balloons that had gotten loose from somebody. But it was just sitting in the sky at just the right angle with he sun to make figuring it out difficult until I could stop my pickup truck. Other balloons had gotten free of the net but were “flying” in formation with the main bunch.

Well, I post this just in case anybody else DID report a UFO over northwest Lubbock this afternoon.

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