Wednesday, July 30, 2008

News Articles from (Last week of July, 2008).

Personal Jet Pack – (listed under Science News) The Twin duct-fan units attached to a support frame that weighs in about 250 pounds, lifted the inventor's sixteen year old son up into the air and hovered there for 45 seconds made news recently at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
Known as the Martin Jet Pack, the New Zealander inventor Glenn Martin unveiled his invention Tuesday (July 29, 2008) at the AirVenture Oshkosh 2008 airshow put on by the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association). The Martin Jet pack is designed around a typical weight man. It has a standard five gallon tank that should provide a flight time of 30 minutes and a flight range of 30 miles. Currently, this device is operating under the FAA ultralight flight rules – so that means no overflight of cities and such. There is a emergency parachute that can be used above 400 feet altitude. And the frame has good shock absorbers for hard landings. Mr. Martin told reporters that he is still trying to work on that area between those to heights (i.e for safety).
Mr. Martin hopes that other uses can be found for it such as in law enforcement, and that the expected price tag of $100,000 will come down. Mr. Martin's son, Harrison Martin had two spotters for assistance during the demonstration.

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